This article ought to shut up Phineas for awhile

Sitting down to write an article on this sun-drenched Memorial Day. One of our valued posters, Phineas, complained on the boards yesterday that it's been seven weeks since my last article. It's always the cheap bastards that don't donate who complain the most. 

Anyway, I'm writing an article. But what about? What's a guy to do when he lost interest long ago in Husky Football? Quite the irony that I'm running a website dedicated to Husky Football, ain't it? Good thing we have so many fanatical Husky fans on here. They're the heart and soul of the site. 

What's there to talk about that hasn't already been dissected this Spring? John Ross got drafted #7 by the Bengals and by default we'll lose one game because he's no longer here. The Husky Haul made the bold prediction that Washington will crush Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship game. I'm still trying to reconcile that nugget.  

But more importantly, what's new in the world of Hardcore Husky's message boards? Swaye, the alcoholic womanizing Injun who hates white people, is finally back from rehab. PurpleJ disappeared a few days ago, in a blaze of Power Ranger glory. Tequilla unveiled my diabolical plot to provide CokeGreaterThanPepsi a platform to discuss recruiting, only to tear him down with sinister links to articles from the Tacoma News Tribune (Bwahahaha).

I recently went out of town for four days and left the moderating duties to a young woman named Khaleesi. I'm pleased to report that the animals on our site behaved themselves for the most part. (They waited until my return to post the horrific Meatspin gif). The most challenging part was when I got back into town. Khaleesi was laughing while looking at her phone. She told me she couldn't even repeat out loud what she was reading. So I looked at it, and saw the thread headline: "Hey Race, queef something out of that twat of yours. Wanna talk football..." I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to explain the cult of Puppylove_Sugarsteel and the stories behind some of his rants.  

Anything else? Kudos to UW athletic director Jennifer Cohen. I was wrong about her. I thought she was a product of nepotism from a dysfunctional athletic department. But in partnership with football coach Chris Petersen, the department is getting healthier. And of course, the future of the football program hasn't been this bright since the days when Don James, Napoleon Kaufman and Stan Emptermananan roamed the sidelines.

That's all for now. I'll see you degenerates somewhere down the road.