Jen Cohen has bigger balls than Scott Woodward

Word just broke moments ago that Washington has parted ways with longtime coach Lorenzo Romar. UW athletic director Jen Cohen has demonstrated today that she's not going to kowtow to political correctness or many of the hand-wringers in local sports media. She also refused to be held hostage by the whole "you'll lose michael Porter if you dare fire Romar" crowd. 

It was long past time to make a change. Some of the most flawed, unsound basketball that has ever been seen in Division I. UW was the laughingstock up and down the west coast.

Good on you, Jen Cohen.

The naysayers say, "Well who will you get to come here that is any better?"

A boatload of cash and a fertile recruiting area will entice any high quality coach to come to Seattle. If Kansas can be a traditional power, don't you dare tell me that Washington doesn't have that dormant potential.

Cohen did the right thing. I'm sure it wasn't easy. I'm sure she had many long debates behind the scenes. But she put Husky Basketball first. And she has much bigger balls than her predecessor Scott Woodward.