Cam Newton displayed courage in recent GQ interview

Cam Newton is under fire from criticism today, and the reasoning behind it says a lot about our culture today. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Newton was asked about the legions of fans that don't like him -- and I'm among them.

But he would not attribute the dislike to racism. He wouldn't allow himself to be used in that role. He said that America was "beyond" that. He said that people's dislike for him stemmed from other issues.

And he's absolutely right. Race does not play an issue in this. His seeming arrogance and antics on the field are what get people geared up. It's not unlike a villain in pro wrestling.

But Newton's refusal to blame a racist America does not fit the PC narrative. It does not fit in with what Obama and the media want to perpetuate.

In the next year, if twenty more high profile people like Newton took similar stands, we might be able to slow down this runaway freight train of political correctness. We might begin the long trek to restoring some balance to our crazy national psyche.

What Newton did in that GQ interview took some balls.