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Would an 8-5 Record be Cause for Concern in Petersen's First Year?

Derek Johnson combs through UW's schedule to determine what standards should be set for 2014.

Latest News
Would an 8-5 Record be Cause for Concern in Petersen's First Year?

Derek Johnson combs through UW's schedule to determine what standards should be set for 2014.

GUEST COLUMN: 81% of the History of Husky Football: The Early Years (1892-1915)

In today's guest feature, Swaye wades into the waters of Husky Football History, and spins a yarn full of inside jokes and witty observations

New Product called Chuice offers possible relief to athletes struggling with nagging injuries

For a change of pace today, Hardcore Husky interviewed Ladell Hill and Dr. Sujit Sharma, the founders of a product that could make an impact for athletes nationwide.

Rock you Like a Hurricane: Washington 34, Miami 29

In this excerpt from The Dawgs of War, the Washington Huskies stun the visiting Hurricanes during the 2000 season.

Touching Base with former Husky Todd Elstrom

The ex-wide receiver reflects back on the old days at UW and expresses his disdain for soccer.

Former Husky Recalls Seattle Music Scene of the 1990s

Mike Ewaliko shares memories ranging from Lollapalooza to frat house concerts and of course his favorite bands.

Dennis Brown on Bandwagon Fans and Rivalry

The former Husky and San Francisco 49er defensive tackle can't wait for football season to begin.

Hardcore Husky and the Beginning of the Chris Petersen Era

CheersWestDawg chimes in with thoughts on the Seattle-area coverage of Husky Football.

Jamal Fountaine on Husky Football: This Train is Moving!

The former Washington linebacker feels optimism for the new direction of Husky Football.

The Day We Golfed with Bob Houbregs

Derek Johnson reflects on a personal memory of the late Husky legend Bob Houbregs.

I want to get my Husky Mojo Back Again

With the departure of Sark and the dawning of the Chris Petersen Era, one man wants to rekindle his passion for Husky Football again.

Hardcore Husky Honors Race Bannon as Former Scribe Battles the Crud

As Race Bannon suffers in a Los Angeles hospital, Hardcore Husky created a new message board named after the legendary columnist.

Did Sark Drop the Ball?

  Former Husky Tyrone Rogers posing with his son Na'Ty, in a South Carolina uniform.

Alek Kacmarcik: What’s in a name?

Woodinville's Alek Kacmarcik has a last name that PA announcers struggle to pronounce. The future Eastern Washington Eagle told some of the stories that have been sometimes comical.

Lincoln Kennedy: Manziel not Ready for NFL

The former Washington Husky discusses his belief why some NFL team will overpay for Manziel and make him into something he isn't.

Caesar Rayford's Relentless Fight to live NFL Dream

Caesar Rayford barely played during his Husky career and spent 5 grueling years in obscurity before getting a chance with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. 

Talking Husky Football with Kyle Benn

The former Husky captain talks about his reaction to Sark's departure to USC, his pride over the offensive line and his optimism over new coach Chris Petersen. 

Carol James Reflects on Past Bowl Trips during Don James Era

The wife of the late UW coach shares a couple favorite memories from her years of Rose Bowl trips with the Dawgfather.

Duckfighter Illustrated: We're Back Special Edition

In a week that will be long remembered for the sheer shock value of things finally falling our way, Sark is gone and Petersen is in. 

Beno Bryant Wants to Help Bring the Huskies Back

The former Washington running back discusses his desire to see the Huskies return to elite golden times.

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