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It's Sad to see how far Has Fallen

Puppylove_SugarSteel shares his thoughts on's transformation from its early days as an internet juggernaut.

Latest News
It's Sad to see how far Has Fallen

Puppylove_SugarSteel shares his thoughts on's transformation from its early days as an internet juggernaut.

We're Back!

Mad Son returns and can't wait for the conference schedule to begin.

Here's to Coaches that Don't Stand on Tables

CokeGreaterThanPepsi depicts the scene from the USC locker room, and pleads his impatience for the Stanford game on September 27th.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Gloat Free Special Edition

Race Bannon and his DFI staff return once again to give you all the college football news that's fit to print.

Trojan Fans, this was the Sark we warned you about

Derek Johnson discusses how the Boston College game is a sign of things to come for Southern California.

Mad Son's Quick Dawg Bite

Mad Son gives some quick thoughts on the first two games of the Chris Petersen era at Washington.

Petersen is here to Build a Winner, not a Résumé

The one game suspension of Marcus Peters has not diminished CokeGreaterThan Pepsi's enthusiasm and support for new coach Chris Petersen. 


Race Bannon and his crack staff return for a look at the Pac-12 Conference

Don't be Afraid of a little Smoke in the Back of the Bus

Derek Johnson shares an old football story in response to widespread hand wringing after yesterday's win over Eastern Washington. 

Mad Son's Ramblings: The Sky is Falling?

Mad Son returns to give his analysis of what the Washington-Hawaii game means going forward.

Hardcore Husky Reporting Live from the Islands

In the aftermath of Washington's win over Hawaii, CokeGreaterThanPepsi gives his thoughts.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Rose Bowl Rematch Special

Race Bannon and his crack staff have done it again!!11!!  

Damon Huard is the Doogliest Doog that ever Dooged... And other thoughts from Saturday

Derek Johnson gives his thoughts from Washington's narrow win over Hawaii.

Husky Fans Should Once Again "Expect to Win"

Mad Son's first column of the new season draws a comparison between Chris Petersen and a former UW coach.

Younger Fan Eager to Finally See Good Football

After becoming a Husky fan just as the program was in a nosedive into oblivion, CokeGreaterThanPepsi can barely contain his excitement over this new era of UW football.

Duckfighter Illustrated: Season Opener Preview

The award-winning Duckfighter Illustrated returns this season to give a satirical look at the Washington Huskies and the rest of the Pac-12.

Understanding "OKG" for Dummies

Our newest writer, CokeGreaterThanPepsi, gives his thoughts on the criticism Chris Petersen has received from certain quarters regarding recruiting. 

Wilbur Hooks on Coaching Changes and The Husky Way

The former UW wide receiver recalls the coaching change from his era, and how it helped alter the team's culture.

Fighting the Good Fight, even when it seems the Fight is Lost

How a late night message from The_KobeStopper helped keep Hardcore Husky alive and kicking through the darkest days of Sark. Here's one final look back.

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